Life mapping is always evolving. Time spent reflecting on my beliefs gave me insight into what’s true for me. Now, I know I have a north star.

— Jan Carroll, Multi-Year Life Mapping Workshop Attendee

Life mapping is a constant process. It’s like learning music, a foreign language, or studying for school. You must “use it or lose it.” Just because we stuff ourselves silly at our family’s Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t mean we don’t need to eat until next year. Life mapping is the same; you can’t devour the rich content at the workshop and expect to go home and have lasting impact unless you continue to feed yourself the material and practice the concepts.

— Diane Charouhas, Multi-Year Life Mapping Workshop Attendee

I do believe in life mapping and the power it has for people that follow through with it. I think in my practice of trying to do it each year it is a good reminder of what is important to me. I do have my vision board looking back at me right now as I type this and see it as my desktop on my computer each time it is turned on. You have definitely brought value to me. You are one of the reasons I drive past many other Windermere offices to get to Mike’s office on Tuesdays.

— David Pope, Multi-Year Life Mapping Workshop Participant

Thank you, Dana, for guiding us through the steps of life mapping. I walked away from this year’s intensive focused and empowered. I would describe life mapping as starting with discovering the why to establish one’s goals and then implement a number of manageable tasks to achieve them. By starting with the why, the goals are centered around what is meaningful. The work is therefore purposeful because the intention behind it is authentic.

— Jennifer Burton, First-Year Life Mapping Workshop Participant

Life mapping should be like exercise, never less than once a week. Unfortunately, I’m not proficient yet.

— Life Mapping Workshop Participant

Thank you for your hard work, time, and leadership in presenting and guiding us through these exercises. Personally, I think I need to spend more alone time and just sit down and complete the action step part of the map. I will do this by February 28th.

— Life Mapping Workshop Participant

In my experience of doing life mapping, I became very inspired, definitely feeling more balanced since I have a wide spectrum of interests, pursuits, and goals. I was so inspired that I shared my experience with a group of five people, teaching them the main principles and guiding them toward their life maps. These guides and methods of finding one’s inner aspirations/goals, no matter how great or small, are all super important to one’s evolution and growth. Thanks for introducing me to the concepts!

— Life Mapping Workshop Participant