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Table of Contents

Part One: Live Your Gift

Chapter 1: Your Gifts
How to uncover your gift that may be locked away and just waiting for the chance to shine.

Chapter 2: Your Beliefs
How your beliefs, the core of who you are as a human being, make you truly authentic.

Chapter 3: Your Principles
Why your principles are the signposts for your decision-making.

Chapter 4: Your Values
Why your values must align with your goals to greatly increase your odds of achievement.

Chapter 5: Your Goals
How your daily activities define you, your character, and your ultimate legacy.

Chapter 6: Your Magnificent Mind
How to overcome limiting beliefs and find the magic to create the world you desire.

Part Two: The Life Mapping Process

Chapter 7: Life Mapping
How to find your inner blueprint and chart your course.

Chapter 8: Activities
How to lay the groundwork, delegate tasks, and turn failure into opportunities to learn.

Chapter 9: Scheduling
How to set priorities, properly plan and review, and block and manage time.

Chapter 10: Accountability & Structure
How to act consistently, embrace personal coaches, and create accountability groups.

Chapter 11: You Can, and You Will!
How to surrender to your fears and willingly take the necessary actions to live your gift.

Chapter 12: The Authentic You
Understanding who you are, who you can be, and how you fit into the world.