What Gets You Up in the Morning?

Do You Spring Out of Bed or Hit the Snooze Button?

Do You Spring Out of Bed or Hit the Snooze Button?

Values drive our priorities in life and help give us a sense of purpose.  They create a link from who we are fundamentally to what’s up for us this year and currently deserving of our attention. When we’re clear on our values, it’s a lot easier to get out of bed in the morning.

Values, like beliefs, are largely shaped by our environments and how we were influenced growing up. The values demonstrated by our parents, coaches, teachers, and closest family members and friends often become our own.

It’s not uncommon to mirror those who make an impression on us without consciously asking ourselves if we subscribe to the same set of ideals. But when was the last time you stopped to ask yourself if the values you are living for also serve and motivate you?

If you’ve ever had your sights set on a lofty goal only to fall flat on your execution, the culprit is likely a goal that is unsupported by your core values. Clarity is key!

There’s resounding scientific evidence supporting the power in aligning our goals with our values. Why would this be important? Our strongest sense of self, and therefore our highest degree of self-confidence, resides in our core values. They’re at the heart of what motivates us and what we’ll fight to protect.

Values are a fail-safe when it comes to ensuring we’ll increase the likelihood of following through on our goals even when we’re knocked off our path. When our goals are supported by one or more of our core values, we increase our ability to snap back from unforeseen challenges and difficulties.

We all trip, stumble, and fall on life’s journey. Why not grab ahold of your values and give yourself a leg up on not only setting goals but also ensuring you’re set up to achieve them?


Dana V. Adams